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Geek Homeworld

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Nov 23, 2015

   This episode is about the creative process. Whether you are a podcaster, artist, film maker, game designer, or whatever medium you are creating in, does monetizing cheapen the true value and intention of the art you create? This discussion is partly inspired by a recent interview with George Lucas in which he talks about studio's versus artist interpretations of what the writers create. Are movie studios dictating content without letting the artists realize their own true vision of the art they create? George also discussed how his vision of Star Wars is different from Disney's vision. From that interview I draw comparisons on this episode about my thoughts on the creative process. I also, recount my preparations from Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, in which my expectations were too high to be realized by the movie, and my initial disappointment when I first saw the movie. I share my "Phantom Menace Syndrome", as I call it, and hop against all hope that The Force Awakens will not be the same.

  Thanks for listening,

  SavageTechman aka Ed