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Geek Homeworld


Geek Homeworld

You'll never find a more awesome hive of fans and geekery.

Sep 8, 2018

  Ed brings you the best movies of the summer of 2018 and previews all the movies to come for the rest of 2018. This is our 100th episode of the podcast and our four year anniversary episode!

  You can also watch the video version of this 100th episode of the podcast on our You Tube channel. Don't forget to hit that...

Aug 28, 2018

  Ed is joined by Jesse Perry, a fellow Star Trek geek, as we bring you a two hour episode all about Star Trek.

Topics include...

-The Prime vs "Kelvin" (we call it "JJTrek") universes 

-Rodenberry's humanism

-History of the Paramount/CBS dual ownership of Star Trek

-Kelvin timeline (JJTrek, Kurtzman) vs Prime...

Jul 30, 2018

Ed brings you a spoiler free review of Mission Impossible Fallout plus new endeavours like...

-Ed's new radio show "Savannah on Film".

-My cousin Tabatha's new podcast "Transformed by Transplant".


Thanks for listening,

Ed Ciucevich aka SavageTechman



Jun 17, 2018

Ed discusses the best geek fathers inspired by Incredibles 2, and discusses his new endeavour.


Thanks for listening,

Ed Ciucevich aka SavageTechman


Jun 12, 2018

Our Summer Movie Preview plus a discussion about the Star Wars fan backlash against Solo A Star Wars Story.

Summer Movies previewed are...

-Incredibles 2

-Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

-Ant-Man and the Wasp

-The First Purge


-The Equalizer 2

-Mission Impossible - Fallout

-Teen Titans Go! To The...