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Nov 30, 2015

   Our main segment focuses on Latinos in geek films and television, as well as their various contributions to geek culture.

   Ed does a preview of the new Captain America Civil War movie trailer.

   Cheryl and Ed review the Victor Frankenstein movie.


   Thanks for listening,

   Ed aka SavageTechman



Nov 23, 2015

   This episode is about the creative process. Whether you are a podcaster, artist, film maker, game designer, or whatever medium you are creating in, does monetizing cheapen the true value and intention of the art you create? This discussion is partly inspired by a recent interview with George Lucas in which he talks...

Nov 16, 2015

  Cheryl takes the helm and hosts this episode in which she honors the vast French geek culture. Also, she gives our holiday movie preview.


  Vive French Geeks!


   SavageTechman aka Ed


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Nov 9, 2015

We give you our Top 10 Bond films, plus a review of Spectre. Included are some honorable and "unhonorable" mentions as well.


Thanks for listening,

Techman. SavageTechman. (aka Ed)


Nov 2, 2015

  Lauren Warren @iamlaurenp of Black Girl Nerds @blackgirlnerds joins me for a discussion of women's growing influence in geek culture. Also, our thoughts on the premiere of Supergirl.


 Thanks for listening,

 SavageTechman aka Ed


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