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Geek Homeworld

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Jan 25, 2016

  So you survived the great blizzard of 2016, super storm Jonas. In thinking about that I decided to take you on a tour of science fiction planets you could escape to, and I also give you my review of the pilot episode of Legends Of Tomorrow.


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  SavageTechman aka Ed


Jan 18, 2016

  We look forward to the return of the X-Files to TV, and we also celebrate the lives of famous entertainers who have left this world too soon, such as Alan Rickman, David Bowie, and more.

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  SavageTechman aka Ed


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Jan 11, 2016

Ed brings you the best of the Consumer Electronics show (CES) 2016 that was recently held in Las Vegas.

From 8K TV, to rollable displays, to virtual reality, to concept cars, we bring you our favorites.


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SavageTechman aka Ed


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Jan 4, 2016

  Ed and Cheryl preview all the exciting geek things coming in 2016. From movies, TV, video games, and tech trends, we have it covered.

 We talk about Disney and Star Wars geek destinations for 2016, as well as what cool geeky gifts I got for Christmas!

 We also want to thank all of our listeners, contributors, guests,...